Although the concept of Membranes Filtration in Water & Wastewater Treatment and its other applications through nano filtration and micro filtration is well known internationally. Our experience and dedicated team has been able to introduce the membrane applications techniques effectivley since 1996. WEMS is an organisation wholly dedicated to indigenous development and promotion of latest water treatment techniques based on menbranes technology amongst community and industries.

To match with unprecedented acceptance and appreciation of our practical approach, sound technologies and post execution services to the clients , WEMS, had to realise it's single point responsibility in time to come.

WEMS has a strong energetic multidisciplinary team of professionals to serve you in new millenium parallel to flagship guidance of our management concept

WEMS was initially established to design, manufacture and operate reverse osmosis systems. Over time, the company's product mix has naturally evolved to fill other utility-related needs in addition to fresh water production, such as dyes purification, water recycling to minimize wastewater quantity for end of pipe treatemnt and membranes applications based on nano filtration.

WEMS philosophy is to provide the best value - defined as performance over cost. Over the time, WEMS systems and equipment will result in the lowest possible overall cost, when taking into account equipment operating costs, longevity, maintenance expense, and depreciation.

WEMS was founded with the objective to provide high quality membrane systems to the process industries. The company offers a broad spectrum of services in this field including the following.

  • Project Engineering/Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Implementation Plans, Specifications and Scheduling
  • System Manufacturing/Installation
  • Field Studies/Site Investigations
  • Pilot Plant Design, Operation, and Analysis, jointly with the client
  • Cost Estimating and Detailed Proposal Development

In addition, WEMS offers a full range of operations and maintenance services for reverse osmosis plants including system or component design/selection, manufacturing, expediting, repair or replacement of equipment, plant start-up, including acceptance testing and troubleshooting, preventative maintenance programs, upgradation and plant-overhauls.

WEMS technical staff includes engineers, designers, draftsmen, and technical specialists comprising all of the disciplines and functions required for the design, manufacture, construction, and installation of systems for sea water, and brackish water desalination, water and wastewater recycling projects and dyes purification systems.

To carry out a program of design, construction, and testing of the scope of any utilities project requires a specialized team capable of providing the knowledge and experience required to complete the program in the most efficient manner. The team is composed of a project manager, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and service technicians who follow the complete project through initial stages to completion. This integrated product team process ensures that the systems delivered not only meet the design requirements, but are also designed and built to promote ease of installation and maintenance.



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