WEMS was founded with the objective to provide high quality membrane systems to the process industries.  The company offers a broad spectrum of services in this field including the following:

    Project Engineering/Management

        Feasibility Studies

        Detailed Implementation Plans, Specifications and Scheduling

        System Manufacturing/Installation

        Field Studies/Site Investigations

        Pilot Plant Design, Operation, and Analysis, jointly with the client

        Cost Estimating and Detailed Proposal Development

  Areas of expertise include the following process disciplines:


        Dyes Purification

        Membrane Softening


        Resource Recovery


        Softening through ions exchange

        Lime Soda Softening


        Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

        Oil-water Separation

        Sewage (Human Wastewater) Treatment for Gardening/Landscaping

        Air Pollution Control System For: -

     Cleaner atmosphere in the production area to control wastage and for better worker productivity.  

      Exhaust gases from Boilers

      Dust and fume from production area

      Odor Control by chemical and biological means.

        High B&D wastewater treatment production of methane gas as energy source.

        Biogas from solid wastes

        Composting reuse of sludge and solid waste or fertilizer/soil conditioner.

Our project implementation teams are comprised of professionals who draw from extensive hands-on experience. WEMS personnel in their painstaking pursuit of excellence in the design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance of our systems embrace the rigid quality demands of these industries.


WEMS was formed by experienced desalination and fluid process engineers, operators, and technicians who recognize the importance of proper operations and maintenance for the successful long-term viability of advanced water treatment facilities.

We are dedicated to providing superb after-market technical services through our Service Department, offering:

 1.         A single source of both supplies and services for membrane treatment systems and  utilities; WEMS will specify, procure and expedite the delivery of pumps, membranes, instruments, controls, filters, chemicals, and other consumable required to repair or maintain the facility.

2.         Operator instructions and in-house preparation of training manuals based upon components manufacturer's recommendations, professional experience, and current best practices. 

3.       Emergency repair and replacement services, including the manpower and equipment necessary to effectively accomplish most tasks within a short period of time, particularly under difficult and unusual circumstances.

4.       Initial plant start-up supervision and/or assistance, including acceptance testing and troubleshooting.

5.      Complete plant overhauls and for preventative or corrective maintenance and detailed operational analysis in order to optimize the system's long-term performance.  

6.       Laboratory water-quality analytical services to provide a database for the selection of the optimum pretreatment system, membrane system, operating parameters and post treatment requirements.

7.       Turnkey management services are available for the efficient operation of any process system, whether it is an original WEMS installation or another manufacturer's.  After a detailed evaluation of the individual system's performance and operating requirements, WEMS offers to operate and maintain the system on a contractual fixed fee basis.  This service program insures superior equipment upkeep and reduced operating costs.



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